Jonas Mekas: The Internet Saga Exhibition at Burger King

This may have been one of my favourite exhibitions. Mekas is a Lithuanian video artist who chose to exhibit in the only Burger King in Venice. His videos are played via screens that typically show Burger King advertisements. These videos are footage that Mekas has been uploading on the internet since 2007. These videos are a combination of private intimate home videos and famous moments like John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s bed peace. This comments on the lines between private and public life being blurred.  IMG_0883


One of the best things about working in the gallery is the people you meet. It’s lovely to meet people from all over the world and see how much they appreciate the exhibition. So many people come back for a second viewing bringing more people. I got into a very interesting discussion about the sculptural pieces. We were talking about how patriotic Scotland is and how we really felt the aggression in the pieces relate to that. The majority of visitors comment on how beautiful the music is. It is moving the see how well received the show is.

I Scream Daddio!!

The British pavilion was an interesting experience. I really enjoyed the venue and I felt like it complimented the work well. However, I felt the composition of the pieces wasn’t thought through well enough. The large sculptures were really quite amazing and I believe this was one of the stronger pavilions in the Giardini.

Les Vampires

Team September decided to see the silent French film “Les Vampires” in Palazzo Grassi. The film was accompanied by a live orchestra. It was an amazing experience to see such a beautiful piece of art accompanied by beautiful live music. It really added another layer to the experience. Les Vampire

Station to Station by Doug Aitken

Team September decided to visit the Palazzo Grassi for the viewing of Doug Aitken’s new film “Station to Station”. The film is divided into 1 minute segments where we travel through America and visit some of the most interesting contemporary musicians which include Ariel Pink, Beck, Patti Smith and Cat Power. The film was an enjoyable experience as I do love the work of these musicians.

My East is Your West

This exhibition was very entertaining. The exhibition was shared by the Indian artist Shilpa Gupta  and the Pakistani artist  Rashid  Rana. It was effective in imagining what the world may have looked if India and Pakistan weren’t measured by borders. The exhibition places you within it and allows you to interact with people in another part of the world while questioning if the interaction is genuine.

The Sound of Creation: Sound Paintings by Beezy Bailey and Brian Eno

I really enjoyed this exhibition partly because of the work and partly because of the venue. If you are interested in abstract painting or Ambient music it’s defiantly worth checking out. I found the pieces genuinely moving and the music created an intense atmosphere. The minimalism of Brian Eno’s music brings out the strongest of emotions. The most simple things have the most profound effect.  IMG_0794The Sound of Creation

Team September

I am halfway through my time in Venice and I am having an amazing time. This city is truly unique. After a few delays we finally made it to the Palazzo. I felt  blessed to be staying in such a grand venue.  This is my first time in Venice and wasn’t sure what to expect. Hopefully I won’t be seeing a short figure in a red coat any time soon